Since I'm back to working for myself again and haven't been able to find a reliable hire, I'm alone. In this bubble, no one cares/sees/appreciates my backend code and I just realized that's why I've been slacking so bad on this ETL process. No one gives a shit about it but me. If I build an interface, I get kudos and everyone celebrates, but working on a three server process with layers of abstraction, auto-scaling, etc...and people just wonder if I'm jerking off all day.

Sometimes it sucks to be a lone ranger.

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    I'm in the same boat. I haven't really had a team of devs to work with in years, and I recently started consulting full time.

    It's such a different world. Sometimes I want to work with other devs, but I've run into too much incompetency. So, in the end, I'm all on my own!
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