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    Reminds me of a place I worked where we would get people who couldn't read or write.

    As the job fundamentally required that, it was kinda important could. :-)

    Usually it took managers a couple of weeks to notice such people.

    I noticed on a couple of hours into their first day, quizzed them about what they was doing and found out pretty quickly they couldn't read.

    I asked them how they got the job, they told me they had a friend fill in the application and tick the box labelled 'Can you read & write?"..

    I brought this issue up in a management meeting, and no one else could really see the issue, after all, it has a tick box, no one would lie would they !

    But they did introduce written tests in the interview, which then stopped us getting folk who would cost thousands of work hours to put right their mistakes !
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    Just because you are made of organic material and were created through reproduction doesn't mean you are not a very sophisticated robot.
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    @xzvf hahaha I feel they're geniuses that had the great idea that they could save time by printing off their webpage 😂😂
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    > Are those people really illiterate

    > or just 100% morons?

    That's a good question !

    I don't know.

    I've met people who, are incapable of learning much, and yet I've also met folk who are uneducated, but quite able to learn.

    It would be interesting to know the general answer there.

    Our schooling system here is pretty dumbed down, and getting dumber by the day.

    I might suspect that years ago, people could be educated, but nowadays, probably less so.

    Sadly education is seen as a negative thing in some cultures, and not encouraged, this appears a growing problem in some cultures I notice.
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    * checks the box like a boss *
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    So the dealer analyses the tick mark. Whether it looks written by a human or not...
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