Worked 2 weeks on hunting a memory leak on a product.

Ended up writing object tracker to find the leak(ironically it was in garbage collector). Found the leak and fixed it. It sounds cool but what I pushed was 9 lines commented out 1 line added for 2 weeks work..

Doesn’t feel very fulfilling to work for 2 weeks to comment out few lines. Only silver lining is that I might turn my object tracker into a library for colleagues to use.

P.s: not a linux or windows environment so tools like walgrind aren’t available.

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    That would be something a manager would say. Why would you be unsatisfied from working hard, being actually productive and fixing the problem at hand? It's not measured by lines of code - rather, you should feel better for your final solution was so small and not needlessly bloated.
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    @Teabagging4Life thanks for saying that and yes I understand that smaller the change better. However the feeling that in 2 weeks I just commented out some lines is weird.
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