I think I need it

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    Would also be great with a really heavy mechanical switch :3
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    What type of kurwa shop is this xD
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    Perfect for pushing to prod
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    I have it
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    I like how they show a mac b/c of their popularity but in reverse it shows an apple user being stressed...

    Coincidence? Probs ... :)
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    There are more satisfying buttons. I often accidentally do something in a Wii game by pressing the B button, just because it's in a nice position to be pressed. Same with right click on a mouse or ASDFJKLÖ on a keyboard.
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    @xewl that's a Action in the Netherlands
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    ... we have a buzzword in company called 1button .... guys didn’t give it a second thought and now we have buttons all over the place doing just 1fckin thing
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    @athlon lmao, should've known… they're all over here too, and mostly a good bang for buck even >.<
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    I've got one! An intern bought it for me! Really helpfull 🤣
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