Spent 1 hour "debugging". All this time I was running the old executable. Realized, took a deep breath, ran the new executable; everything was working properly. I love my life.
This is how you waste time, buddies! 😓

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    How did your debugger attach itself without about no matching source/symbol files?
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    Haha right this week, I found out again that recompiling after a bug fix is quite useful. :-)
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    @jespersh I was running "old.bar" instead of "new.foo". I don't know how did I not saw that. I'm blind. 🤣
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    Be happy it was only 1 hour. I've had enough times where I went to bed and all I did was trying to fix one single freaking bug.

    Or trying to get a new "fancy" tool to work. Once you get it running you don't like the project anymore :/
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    Compiling is how you waste time my friend... this is how I taught myself to juggle... no lie
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