Does anyone use a hackintosh for Dev? I do like Mac OS. How stable is it with updates, and is it still as hardware dependent as it was 3-4 years ago?

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    I did a bit of digging in this, saw a few videos. An Intel CPU and an AMD graphics card is the way to go. But it is almost impossible to have auto updates on. People need to update their bootloader, backup their kext files and then try the update and see if it works. It doesn't "Just work". But I would love some more input from a fellow developer cause all YouTubers measure only stupid video benchmarks.

    Side rant: Why do YouTubers only use video benchmarks for the most part? That's probably not the way to truly measure the whole performance of it. It just appeals to the press and the group of people who use it to make videos. Helps no one else.
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