Savage designers....

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    Right, 5-minute phone conversation (at best) for a 5-minute design job anyone can do? Sure.
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    Then they expect you to do everything in the save amount of time every single time because you did it once =_=
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    Mmmh, high resolution image. The original is worse, then someone redrew it for a joke.
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    I once had someone ask me to write an extension for WooCommerce, for free as part of support for a free payment gateway plugin I maintain for marketing reasons, that would do the following:

    * Split the cart contents into separate orders
    * Allow for the total for each order to be split across several forms of payment (different cards, etc.)

    I told him I’d be happy to do it, if he was willing to pay by the hour to develop something for such a niche use case.

    His reply throughout the conversation was to remind me that it would apparently only take me a day to knock it out if I sit down and focus on the problem.

    ...which, apparently, was sufficient reason why I should do it for free as well...
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    @Kaji if he was sure it would only take a day, surely he also had all of the correct code in his own head.
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