What do you guys do when you have a lack of motivation to code?

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    Private? Then I just don’t code. At work? Coding slower 😂
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    @Sumafu at work it goes well most of the time. It's the evenings and weekends when I want to write some code, but lose the motivation after 5 minutes :/

    "Just don't code" doesn't feel as an option 😂
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    My problem is that if I have no motivation to code, then I don’t can code, even if I want. (At work I get paid for it, that’s different 😅)
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    take a nap, take a walk or take a pussy because these things cleanse your mind
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    @SukMikeHok I agree, fucking works great but if there's people involved they may take exception to you going off to code right after
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    You can't be motivated all day everyday. Learn discipline instead, that way how motivated you are is irrelevant.
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