So I ordered an SSD. It's 1TB for some programs I want to startup faster. I have 3*1TB HDDs to store some movies, series and personal stuff (you know what I am talking about) and a 128 M.2 SSD for Windows. After connecting the new SATA SSD it wouldn't show up. After half an hour searching for a problem related to the wiring, UEFI configuration and other mythical problems coming to my mind I took the instructions of my motherboard. This was the moment I found out that those fuck faces implemented the biological feature of turning one thing off when using another.

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    It is quite common to disable 2 SATA ports when an M.2 SSD is installed in the system. Has to do with pcie lane limitations for the host controller or something like that.
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    @fuckwit I get the reasoning I think. But most of the time not all the storage devices are working at once, so it would be nice to give me the option to either use all of them at lower speed or disable one/two in order to get the full speed.
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    @BoomRaccoon that is not possible. Either M.2 or the last two SATA ports. And the Mainboard specifies that M.2 is preferred when present.
    Also you can't just share the lanes between sata and M.2 that's why this is an exclusive or situation.
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    @BoomRaccoon also this is assuming you use the on board M.2 slot. You shouldn't have a problem with an addon card in one of the on board PCIe slots.
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    @fuckwit I just realized I have a B-M-Key type of M.2 😰. But hey I learned a lot for my future build, kudos to you.
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