I think I joined the wrong crowd. After the recent Hackathon, I proposed that the team that I was working with, form a company in which we continue building apps, launch and try to profit. Y'know, the whole build fast and die slow kind of thing. Granted, I proposed it late November and we're all gearing up for the holidays. Now its January and everyone has this mindset of "if we don't meet, we don't get anything done" or "discuss face to face only". Guess they don't like the idea of working remotely.

I think I might just quit this venture after a couple of meetings with them before I lose my mind.

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    Face to face is important for business, I think. Especially in the beginning. It's very easy to loose the track at the very start.

    Also you should work on your ability to speak with humans. It's a useful skill even if you won't use it that often.
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    Sounds like your team needs a proper leader to step up
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    Try video conferencing before quitting, thousands of companies can't be totally wrong
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    Update: did a couple of meetings with them and I was right. They need these meetings because saying verbally is easier than typing their thoughts/opinions on decisions out.

    I guess @irene was right. Gotta practice my interpersonal social skills directly with them as opposed to hiding behind the screens. Outside my comfort zone but I'll manage.

    Wish me luck
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    @agentQ but! All those must be summarized afterwards. Otherwise those meetings are useless talks
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    @irene we did the whole shebang in corporate meetings. Minutes were taken, attendance was signed, and agenda was formed.
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