Thinking of developing sublime plugin that would convert font-awesome 4 icons to 5. The plugin will search for all files with configured extensions and replace the icon classnames. Eg <i class="fa fa-cab"></i> will become <i class="fas fa-taxi"></i>. It wont work for inproper spacing and dynamic icons.
Is there anything already developed?

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    Why they did not reuse the names? O.o
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    @irene 2 classes for same icon increases css filesize.
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    Doesnt it seem overkill to develop a plugin that is basically a project wide replace and will only be used once and then deinstalled?
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    Make a huge regex and post it online. :D
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    What's the plugin for when I can just search for strings and replace them in like 10 seconds?
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    @hashedram but more than 100 icon names are changed. So need to do it 100 times
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    @Marl3x ya plugin won't be useful for people using other editors. I ll write a simple python script.
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