JS get your shit together

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    Don't you see how cool it is?
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    Heh... But seriously, JS gets a lot of blame here, when the problem lies in half-educated developers promoting pointless JS extensions. Search for any promise-related thing on SO, and 90% answers tell you to install some third-party library, or use overcompilcated code for some working draft reason from 2016. There are 600+ promisify tools on NPM, even though NodeJS comes with a builtin promisify function, and the situation is similar for string.padStart or isArray.

    Of course if you expect a STL with trees, linear algebra tools, etc. you're going to need some third-party solution, but then, if you actually need those, chances are you're stretching the purpose of JS a little...
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    ah, a spark of quality humor in this pile of trash
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