Me: Hey can you make another cup of coffee like this one for my friend?

Rust: Sure, but you know it's expensive, right? Why don't you just let your friend borrow your coffee?

Me: Alright, but I have two friends.

Rust: No problem, you can share it with as many friends as you’d like, but only one of you is allowed to drink it.

C++: Hey wait! I’ll gladly make a cup of your coffee for your friends! I’ll even let them share it! Heck, they can even share yours!

Rust: Hey C++, you know copying coffee is expensive.

C++: Of course I do, but he didn’t define move construction or assignment, so he implicitly wants a copy!

Me: [To my friends:] Hey, let’s just go over to the Python coffee shop.

Rust: [To C++:] Hmph. The baristas at that place will even let you declare that a muffin is a cup of coffee.

C++: Yeah, but wait till they try to drink it. I hear it can be quite exceptional....


Slightly modified from this comment on a Reddit post that I found humorous — only I probably made it much less funny: https://reddit.com/r/...

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