Now that's me....

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    It doesn't get more truer than this lol
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    Guilty, but in my defense, I work with embedded systems and or chip doesn't support proper debug probes, we can only place pausing breakpoints, and pausing is not really the best way to figure out "why can't my board follow this BLE connection?" 🙃

    Also, fun fact : sometimes the print statement (a synchronous serial write) takes so long that it breaks some time constraints and thus the connection, so we also have to use these handmade logpoints sparingly x)
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    Debugger is for the clueless ones.

    Hail the "echo 'got so far' " master race!!
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    / some code /
    print "shit"
    / some more code:
    print "fuck"


    - Oh cool, it works
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    Last week, I had a segfault, but was too lazy to fire up GDB. So I just used #if 0 around the most recent code parts, and the segfault was gone. Narrowed that down until I saw an indexing error in a chained lookup table evaluation.
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    Binary chop method of problem solving. :-)

    I would use the debugger, if only I fully understood how to use it..

    But as I haven't to a lifetime to learn that quite yet, it isn't high up on my, learn to do list.
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