When I was in high school, on our computer subject, we pass all our machine problems(html), in a network folder.

I discovered that if I paste a text file in the network folder, my classmates can read and edit that file.

So what I did is I created a text file that serves like a chat room. We just put our names, and then our message and save it. It was fun. But of course our teacher found out so I got scolded, because the text file were full of profanities. Haha.

I think that was the moment that helped me develop my liking for computers...

How about you? When was the first time you realized that computers are amazing? :)

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    As long as I can remember actually
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    After having worked a full summer holiday and being able to buy a Commodore 64 with an external floppy disk drive and an rgb color monitor. That was like 36 years ago. After that I managed to make my hobby into my job.
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    when I received an old PC with probably an Intel 186 CPU and there was DOS 3.2 on it with the game Pitfall (https://youtu.be/p6qO90k2LSc) on a floppy disc, which I played a lot.
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    wow. my experience is very simple compared to you guys. haha. you guys are amazing.
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