Why does it take 3 clicks to like someones post on here? Could it be that I'm using Firefox?

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    Not sure about a why, but definitely sure you only need one click to like a post. Maybe look at possible extensions you have?
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    @Allthemighty I have no extensions. I prefer to run browsers at basic levels. Never found extensions or add-ons to be anything, but frustrating and cluttering.
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    @Xarin An old browser version? Honestly apart from that can't think of anything, i don't use firefox myself
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    Does the (++) button not show up or something? It's one-click to upvote here
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    @RememberMe no its visible. i just have to click it 3x. i've tried double clicking and it still needs one more click to stick. I've even tried pausing for 3 seconds in between clicks. And its not outdated browser version, just downloaded 5 hrs ago
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    That won't be a Firefox issue ig there are MANY Firefox users out there!
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