I can't be the only person who feel that public/online education courses for programming is terrible. As far as I've seen it just teaches people bad practices. You're better off reading on your own.

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    I'll be fare with you - the courses are nothing than a business. Business goal is to make profit not teach something valuable.

    Now, I'll let that sink in....

    Enough. People are dumb as hell as they think that learning programming is possible in just 3-6 months for 2-10k eur (my country case) and you'll instantly get the "media advertised" job that pays you 3000eur/month (this is high-end salary here). As long as these people will be alive and will believe this - we won't see any change.
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    Nonsense, there are some great free tutorials on youtube. Some people truly do just enjoy teaching others and theyre good at it
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    @simpleJack I wasn't referring to that, but paid "courses" online, or obligatory computer science classes you have to take at school.
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    A lot of people just sleep through it and don't get anything out of it because they aren't looking to achieve any specific goals.

    Another reason is that some classes teach things that really shouldn't be taught in a classroom. Web development should not be taught because concepts are volatile and deprecate in a matter of a few years in the worst case. I was learning JavaScript from a book written nearly 10 years ago doing completely useless labs and had to relearn it myself. It's much more effective to just learn it on your own.

    On the other hand, things like algorithm design and analysis are timeless, and concepts and theories are mathematically proven to be optimal, so they will never be deprecated barring technological breakthrough.

    So basically these schools just cater to the masses to generate high revenue from undergrad enrollment by offering courses teaching "high demand" skills.
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    Well, I've heard of actual teachers at "CS courses" claiming Java == JavaScript... Told the guy telling me this to run for his life (and rather not learn from that "teacher").

    In my country, public colleges/universities get money according to the number of students, so this won't change, it will just get worse exponentially.
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    For me, such courses are the most suitable option.
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