Does it really need to learn jquery in 2019? Bc I read some websites saying that JavaScript has developed and no need for javascript , is that true?

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    Yes, Jquery, Javascript, everything starting with "J" is still extremely useful.

    I hate every single one of "J" things and yet I can't work (live?) without them so my advice is to learn it.
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    “Javascript has developed and no need for javacript”

    Even people still confuse what’s the difference between jquery and js lol
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    @devTea lol. Should learn Wasm
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    To be honest I view Javascript as a sad little language that people are forced to use because the web is a hodgepodge of various technologies all layered over each other without any real plan. I always prefer to code back end functionality in C# or Java and use Javascript only because I’m a full stack dev and thus have to. But I’ve pushed more and more to end up on back end code and spend more of my time there. That and I hate the fact that a large chunk of the JS out there is just to mine data from users, uBlock Origin blocks literally thousands of scripts on some sites that I have to use every day. And all these garbage scripts running in the background mean web pages take longer than ever to load and become more bloated by the day. But it does allow for some cool functionality.
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    @devTea I mean jquery,ffs
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    @programmer420 lol, on a serious note, I did use jquery first and then learn that js can do pretty much most of jquery syntatic sugar, so it’s up to you, some libraries still depends on it too
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    Give it another 5 years or so and we will all be developing web apps in c#, c++, java or whatever language and JavaScript can die.
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    Adding a framework to your application should be very well thought through. It might add bulk, maintenance cost, migrations on version bump, ...

    If you don't need JQuery, don't use it. Learn JavaScript ES6 and then see how to solve your problem using native JavaScript.
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    @Robinha I would love to have your optimism, but this is not happening anywhere in the near future. JavaScript will be here in the front-end for many many more years, as well as HTML and CSS, since there are really no alternative solutions. And for back-end part, you could easily use C++ or Java for many years already.
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    @hitzoR web assembly is coming though. Sure it's not replacing JavaScript just yet but it is a step forward.
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    @devTea @programmer420 Do people realize that jquery is just a library written in JavaScript? 😶
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    @linuxxx I believe some people don’t, some even think js can’t do all what jquery do
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