Now I feel bad for calling myself a programmer as a highschooler after seeing so many people shitting on the younger people. Goddammit I picked up programming because I thought it was cool and fun not because I want money or shit. I'm not the retard kiddies that overstate my ability. I like coding, I just like coding.

Now I wanna quit.

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    No, please, we don't want to lose you :(
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    Don't quit, you'll eventually become one of us old grumpy people who complain because kids today have it too easy.

    You know, because they aren't sent to mine coal anymore, because they write on paper instead of slate... you get my point. My grandpa wouldn't stop complaining about how they should re-introduce the cane in schools, it's a thing people do.

    Nowadays, we complain about youngsters having easier to learn languages like Python or even things like Scratch. I used to code in Delphi on a P3. It was hard, but that's how it is.

    I'm 25 btw, and even I do complain about "kids these days". Guess I'm an adult now, so that's what it feels like.

    On serious note though: I've met a bunch of "just out of school" guys and gals that'll probably outsmart me in a few years. Really bright people with lots of interest in technology. Like I was in their age.

    Stick with coding if you love it, you'll be one of them one day.
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    @ilPinguino oh yes, learning to program was quite a challenge back when the Dead Sea was still visiting the doctor and matches had their heads on the other side!

    I mean those kids today wouldn't even know how to drill for ketchup in the cellar. Pfft.
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    If you want to quit just because of what some old dudes say youre gonna have a tough life
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    Don't care what anybody says! If you love coding, code!
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    Dude, you are a BADASS because you’re a highschooler who codes.

    Back when Earth had cooled and the dinosaurs were starting to roam, I had no idea about programming. I didn’t discover it until I got to college. It was a different time then.

    I’m envious that kids these days have technology so freely available to them.

    And what other people think doesn’t mean shit unless they’re giving you money. That’s one of the nice things you learn when you become an adult.

    You’re doing okay, trust me. Do you.
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    literally me
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