Just curious on whether or not to open source something or not...

As some would have seen I'm working on a game engine/framework and putting a lot of effort into the development terminal (lumber camp) and had a fair few people show interest in it so thought I might chuck it on GitHub as I go but I don't want to allow for merging until the main component is at version 1 and stable...

Should I release as I go and not do merging or wait till it is at version 1?

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    Not sure if I understood your question well, but yeah I'd open source it. Until it's stable, just put explicitly in README.md that it's still in active development. Not sure about the merging though.. that's something that requires write access to your repo, i.e. only you are permitted to do it. Maybe you meant forking? That's something that's permitted by default in GitHub's policy. Not sure if there's anything that can be done about that.. all rights reserved on GitHub means that people can fork, commit and make PR's back to your repo, but I don't think they can use the code in their work without your explicit permission.

    And you can't go wrong with a private repo 🙂 why not do that for the time being?
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    @Condor More meant that merge requests will be ignored....

    Just wasn't sure if i should open it up prior to version 1 or just wait
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    @lxmcf officially that's unsupported, but apparently there's a bot that does this: http://nopullrequests.com
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    @Condor oh really?

    Well shit
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