So the little tech company startup that my mates and I was about to establish was closed and disbanded. Only because they were all following me, my technical expertise and not that they decided it would be in their best interest. This only happened when the Whatsapp group only started making noise when I made the noise.

So when I declared that I was leaving, they couldn't operate without me. LOL, effin sheeps and here I thought we'd all be partners working together and sharing the profits. Luckily I dodged the bullet.

Guess I'm going solo again. Hard to find people who we can click together and work together passionately with profits, y'know? Le sigh.

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    Ive been there and learnt a few expensive lessons. At some point you realise youre doing 90% of the work while the rest slack off and enjoy an equal share of the profits.
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    I have found I think exactly one person in total that I get along with great, and that I can work together with
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