Scripted guy with good JavaScript, Ruby experience, dwelving back to the good ol' c# world. It's been years since I've written and compiled a c# project. And damn, immediately I'm searching for ways to speed up development. For every code change I have to wait for 5-20s to build and get some form of feedback. #geez

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    Yeah fuck these compilers! We want runtime exceptions in production! :P

    An IDE (Visual Studio) should highlight errors and warnings while writing code. What errors are you getting that you have to compile everything after a change? Sounds strange to me.
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    @thoxx ikr. I'm used to writing bite size code and test it frequently before moving on. Instead, I'm forced to write 1 hour worth of code to avoid recompiling and wasting 10s of my life. :P

    Guess it'll train myself to think more and be more careful at writing longer code.

    P.S. I seldom get runtime errors on interpreted languages. If you're less experienced, or have inexperienced people working in the team, yea sure.
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    @thoxx not really. Ever heard of a semantic error? An IDE will sometimes pick them up, sometimes though, and that is a stretch.

    Your syntax could be on point, but still have semantic errors and that alone would fuck your shit up. From that perspective you can't really compare having to compile and entire project to having a dynamic environment.

    .net core does have watchers tho.
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    I know what a semantic error is. :-)

    My comment was not meant to sound aggressive. I'm using VS on a daily base for many years and was just curious. Visual Studio is pretty good in highlighting (semantic) errors.
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    @AleCx04 @thoxx any tips to speed up development workflow for c#? Miss those hot/live reload stuff.

    On a multi-service environment, you could probably trade development speed and optimising slow services to compiled languages.
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    Depends on your IDE and what are you doing. Visual Studio supports edit and continue while debugging (does not work for ASP). This might help a bit.
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    If you cry about 20s you shouldn't go into systems development. Multiple hours build time are easily achievable.
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