Dating a programmer...

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    Or maybe ISO 8601.
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    YYYY-MM-DD works also when the sorting just treats it as string.
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    Fuck ISO, the day-night cycle and seasons, they're so Earth-centric.

    Unix timestamps are better. Sortable and consistent with SI. Break up timestamps into blocks of 5, and you have 27.7h "days". That's almost 4 free hours per day!

    Your scrum sprint is now one megasecond, you can go for a kilosecond break, or work for two myriaseconds per hectokilosecond day.
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    @bittersweet would also make for a great biorythm, I guess.
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    02OCT2019 is my favorite format. Easy to read and no one is ever confused
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    @ximidar perfection.
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    @Ximidar But when dealing with regular numbers, more significant is left of less significant. Ten is a 1 with one zero to the right, a hundred is a 1 with two zeros to the right.

    So it would make sense to go from big to small with dates as well. 2016-01-12.
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    I find myself more into dd/MM/yyyy
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    OK I lied, uinx timestamps are really not ideal.

    Best would of course be if we added 400 gigaseconds to the 64-bit unix timestamp, as in 40-15473-18966.

    That way, the max of the right-most block is approximately a day, the middle block counts sprints, seasons, cycles, lifephases and 317-year eras, and the leftmost parts signifies 3170 year ages and counts all the way back to the start of humanity. 400 trillion seconds (12k years) ago we were pretty much monkeys anyway.
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