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    Whatever that was would just never get installed. I’d put it on the back burner, do something else, completely forget about it.

    Unless it was something I really needed, in which case I would just do something else for 20 minutes and set a timer.

    Unless I was *really* curious what was so important that they felt the need to download-block me.
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    "you can't read the whole fucking 1208 lines in just a second."

    He's never seen me review a merge request.
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    @ohemelaar haha You made me laugh
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    @GurvirBhogal thanks man, I still smile an blow a little through my nose when I read my comment again
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    Sure I can, because I'm a motherfucking admin and install this shit the millionst fucking time!
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    How to user dropoff 101
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    Next step is ä eye tracking.
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    probably it's just javascript timer.. open up the developer console and change it
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    wrong. you can agree with things you even dont care about. then it will just your fault if something weird happens.

    its just like siging contract without reading it. there is no effect to opposite side if you really read or not.
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    Put that condition on everything and see how it goes. XD
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    Might need a pop quiz.
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