I am going to start studying linear algebra but not sure which book I should use. I have a hard copy of Linear Algebra and its Applications. But I don't know wheater its good or bad. Should I use it or look for another book?

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    Kinda the wrong forum for this question IMO, but most any modern textbook will give you the basics. Sometimes they split some of knowledge for Linear Algebra across multiple books. Depending on your background / confidence level I’d recommend getting a volume that covers the subject fully instead of a I / II type split. Universities love spreading it out, but if you’re self studying I’d say do it all together.
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    Pretty sure my class is using it, whose it by?
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    @Diactoros Well, I thought this place is the best for asking this kind of question since everyone has some sort of background knowledge of linear algebra. I will do self-studying because I already passed the class like last semester. The thing is, I studied just for passing and forgot everything I "memorized". That's why I want to learn from 0. Thanks for the tips though.

    David C.Lay, Steven R. Lay & Judi J. McDonald
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    @kondanta quite a few folks here wouldn't have done it actually.

    Anyway. I used Strang's book, it's fairly standard. Also a bunch of YouTube tutorials by a guy called Pavel Grinfeld or something (not sure what his YouTube channel is called, MathTheBeautiful I think). Very good videos, and he also has a very accessible series on tensor calculus.
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    @Diactoros why is this the wrong forum? This is a perfectly valid question to ask considering how important math is in the field of software development or comp sci as a whole
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    OP are you willing to spend money? Or would you rather have free resources
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    @AleCx04 The number and quality of responses are totally proving me wrong. I’m not sure, gut feel, something about assumption of theoretical knowledge that many developers don’t have or need.
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    @Diactoros can't say I blame you on that
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    MIT videos are something

    There's also EDx which is something

    Look up Siraj Raval how to learn machine learning, yeah this is off topic. But these two specific videos about how to learn ML contains some information about Linear Algebra

    Also these



    If you're going to learn by yourself, practice as many examples as you can for normal computation problems

    As for proving solutions... You'll have to learn discrete math first, together with linear algebra... Not sure if you're gonna need it or if I'm going to ever use such techniques, but there's this book called "How to prove it" a fantastic discrete math book

    What amazes me is that I have yet to see one standardized linear algebra book that's not confusing, like CSAPP or CLRS's Introduction to Algorithms

    In short

    Good luck!
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