It's unbelievable how many senior software engineers there are with 2-3 years experience within the industry... damn boy, you just became intermediate, if you're still not a junior

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    Completely normal. In India, some outsourcing companies advertise a dev as senior once he knows how to switch on a PC.
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    And then there are companies looking only on your graduation date, completely ignoring almost a decade coding for money and mentoring "senior" devs.
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    @darthkebab who would like to work for such company?
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    @Fast-Nop yes, Indian developers are a still an unexplained phenomenon to me.
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    @iceman I wouldn't. These are some "offers" I got.
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    @darthkebab as a developer you'll get a lot of offers, if you play the market right :-)
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    Its also unbelievable how many 10y-in-the-field senior devs I've met who had a junior mentality and/or coding skills
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    @webketje like most front end devs :-)
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