When you get into good company but end up in bad team. Worst thing to happen. I want to quit. But as of now I don't have any option.

I am way too triggered. Any one tries messing with me anymore at work, I won't be able to stop myself. I am gonna shout....take out all my anger. To hell with you assholez! I don't care if you get me kicked out of team or job! I can't take it anymore. FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!!!

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    How is your manager? Reachable? Director? Team Lead? If it's the TL the problem?
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    @iAmNaN My manager and director quit recently. A new director has joined but we don't have a manager for our team yet.

    It's the lead and senior engineers. There is literally no one I can reach out to as such for now
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    We don't even have a scrum master. And instead of asking for one, team lead is making me do the job on Jira board.

    It's fucking not my job to create, assign and update stories for everyone in team.
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    @Bleh ouch. Yeah, that sucks. Hopefully you will get a competent manager in place soon. And a real Scrum and Product Owner.
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    Do it, blow up.
    Record it, tag me when you post it
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    Please post another rant if you do blow up on their faces, looks like you deserve a nice "let steam off" session
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    @Avyiel Coming soon for sure
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