JS isnt the problem I have. I have realized. My problem is my lack of knowledge of the language which is not really a problem because I am new but its more the side I dont know how to write code that will do it. and lets say I do I get so fucking confident and it doesnt work and I think its some small error I made but no its just how I write it and it wont work and that gets me so down because when I ask for help my code 100% of the time gets rewritten. can I just not do simple shit on my own? and the problems Ive been coming across are just small projects to get better like "Create a function that outputs the most common item in an array" or "Write a simple JavaScript program to join all elements of the following array into a string" or literally any of the projects on this site: https://w3resource.com/javascript-e...

I feel so embarrassed because these are simple and I cant even do majority of them in langauges I'm better and more experienced with (python) I can think out a problem I cant convert that to code. algorithms in general I cant do as well and Ive never done any "big" or "serious" projects so I dont know what I have to show for the last 3 years of my life.

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    You are still in the learning process. And you have set a higher bar for some reason.

    Don't give up. Keep going
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    @asgs I dont know how to retain the information. Do I just do small projects and just keep the file for reference? Do I keep a list of methods? Do I just experiment and play with the concept so I get a better grip? I'm not mocking or anything I'm just asking questions (typing all that sounded like I was mocking and I apologize)
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    Its ok, don't despair. Shit like this will happen unless you give it time and practice.

    I recommend this resource aa fsr as getting the syntax goes:


    And build on the excercises found ij free code camp.

    Don't rush shit man, even if it takes you a week to ger an excercise, just give it time.
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    Your problem is fucking whitespace.
    If you code like you write, you do need to learn shit.
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    You need to structure your thoughts. Break down a big problem into smaller problems with defined interaction and only start coding once you have thought out a structure.
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    @Bubbles no, don't keep the files or methods. That is what Internet is for. To search for syntax and methods available in a given class/method. Over time, googling the syntax will reduce as you gain experience

    Remember, you don't start typing code line by line. That is not programming. It is more about how you think. Laying it out in the form of code is relatively easier.
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    @mundo03 whitespace has nothing to do with me not understanding, if it was python I wouldn't be whining because I can fix whitespace issues easily
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    @Tayo I was already planning to. Typescript seems fun and helpful
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    @Bubbles i was ranting about your rant, it is incredibly hard to read
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    @mundo03 I felt it was directed at me lmao
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