Does anyone have any ideas on how to decrease latency of audio multicast via pulseaudio?

Currently having a non uniform latency of 1-10 seconds

This is in case of local network

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    Also, restarting server makes it ok

    Edit: that is it decreases latency back to 1 sec for some time
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    This isn’t Stack Overflow.
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    That's incredibly long. I've used the network drivers for the JACK server before, with moderate success and significantly lower delays. I'd never recommend Pulseaudio for any real-time audio transport, especially across networks.
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    @tokumei what do you recommend?
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    @gitlog See original comment (JACK). It also the ability to capture audio from applications that use alsa or pulse. The ArchWiki page describes how to do that better than I can in 1000 characters.
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    @tokumei oh sorry
    And thanks
    I am loosing my concentration day by day
    I guess I'll sleep now after checking out Jack
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