Building a new machine for NodeJS. Installing Gulp-sass has a dependency on node-sass - which has a dependency on node-gyp - which has a dependency ON PYTHON!!!

and.... python 2.7, as it doesn't support 3.0

Doomed - We're all doomed.

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    Had the same problem with a nodejs project recently. It tilted me so much that I rebuild it in C#
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    Yeah but why do we blame the flower for being rotten if the dirt we used to plant it in is shit?
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    @nitwhiz lmao I love this analogy.
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    I read that as "Gulp-ass" and i'm so ashamed of myself...
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    *cough* https://nixos.org/nix *cough* solves all these dependency problems like a magic unicorn :D
    no for real, its a declarative package manager, usable on every distro in addition to the native one.
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