What the fuck is wrong with Google?!!

Trying to log into Gmail.
Forgot password.
Gmail: To reset, code from authenticator app is required.
Me: Super. Good thing I set it up.
Enters code.
Gmail: Recovery email.
Me : Uh... Forgot that too.
Gmail: Some email address to communicate.
Me: Super!
Enters some other email address.
Receives mail with a link.
Me: Finally!
Opens link

Gmail: "When did you create your account?"
Me: Uh... If I had that kind of memory, we wouldn't be dancing right now.
Gmail: Sorry we couldn't verify you.

What sort of sadist play is this?!

Dropped them a mail to get access back. Got a link in the auto reply that explains how to repeat the above process. WTF?!

What the actual fuck?!

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    What should they do different though? There are not that many ways to verify you if you can't remember anything
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    @EaZyCode True, but the authenticator should be enough.
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    Use a password manager like a civilized person?
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    @irene @datawraith
    Hindsight 50/50.

    That doesn't solve the problem that I have right now though.
    I can still see use the Gmail app on my phone so I really don't understand what Google is playing at.
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    Actually @irene, I don't get what you mean by recovery sequence.
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    And boys and girls, this is why I use Outlook
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    Easy fix: ditch google... I personally use outlook.com, but you can use anything else
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    @irene ah yes. Those are set up. That is what's annoying. The authenticator app and the phone number are set up and available but apparently not enough.
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    @irene and frustrating.
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    Fuck Gmail. This kind of bullshit is exactly why I don’t use it or any google products unless I explicitly can’t find a way not to.
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    @EaZyCode This. I hate Google for quite some reasons but their security is damn son.
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