Clients be like, why the fuck should I bother to check last commits related to tickets when I can just bother the developer when he's about to sleep...

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    Mate, dont do that to your clients, this is the mistake I had, I know they are idiots, but they pay the money.

    Tons of other crappy devs willing to sweet talk your clients to pay them instead.
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    @nam17887 wait what?! The client shouldn’t even have IM contact. If there’s no other way, allow IM and revoke when “progress requests” come through.

    I can imagine ( and I did the same ) that you want to seem “readily available” while still building client base, but it should only be temporary and avoided as soon as possible.

    It only means it’s the wrong client that doesn’t appreciate professionalism. Any client that expects you to work in such a way that the client-self wouldn’t appreciate ( being bothered at night ), isn’t an ideal client at all.

    Do what you need to do to get business, but aspire and work towards a cleaner/better client environment every day.
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    I had a similar experience. My manager likes to call rather than check the commit log or pull requests. I believe he thinks it's the quickest way to find out information. If I avoided his calls, he would ping me on company's IM or even Whatsapp.
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    @nam17887 what if I tell you that this is a legacy / deprecated / unfinished project for which the company isn't getting paid?
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    @nothappy one of these legacy projects was the undoing of the perfect design/dev team at my previous company. At least 4 key employees left/were fired predominantly because of that project
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    @ardinent should've been other way around, company should've treated the employees way better than this
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    @nam17887 true, but the client shouldnt be writing with devs about the progress of anything. Thats what the project leader / scrum master is getting paid for.
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