So I decide to do some online test at company X for an internship.
URL bar exposes names, id number, email etc, whatever you fill when they capture your details(these morons are probably using a get route to do it). Okay fine let me give it a try... Page loads flash content! WTF!??...Fine I do the test, so easy and fun. After completing the test and hit submit the whole flash shit just goes blank!!! Now I wasted my 3 hours for nothing!!! I'm so pissed rn I wanna write them an email. Ohhh I forgot to mention the page was very http with no s. How do I even trust they'll tech me anything???

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    you can learn from their mistakes probably :p
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    @-newaj For a software company it seems like ignorance.
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    And you still went on with the test?

    If you end up getting that internship and it turns out to be as shitty as it looks, remember it's your fault and yours alone. 😉
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    Upload the flash somewhere so we can see!
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    @Parzi I'll try that, been away from the pc. How do I do it?
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    @ethernetzero hahaha I don't think I'll take it.
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    @vtrev You could just tell your browser to download the page with all the media, which would include the Flash file. Then you can upload the SWF file wherever you like.
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    @vtrev open the page, pop the dev console in your browser, find the link to the FLV/SWF, plunk that into wget, reupload somewhere like GDrive, Mediafire, etc.
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