How do you guys separate your working environments for different projects?

My situation is that I have one gaming project which requires having Windows OS (for testing purposes since can't run that game on Linux or Mac OS)

Then I have 2-3 other projects (freelancing/fulltime gigs) which don't require Windows so I use macbook for them.

Then I have other projects for my freetime (self development and stuff) and also need an environment just to be able not to work and chill instead

I tried separating these concerns with using tools such as evernote, trello and etc. but it's really getting out of hand.

Using different users for Win/Mac is not an option since I dont want to be switching between different users all the time.

Should I consider using some VM's to have my working environments for different projects separate? Will I use performance when using these VM's?

Buying 5 laptops just to separate everything doesnt make sense as well.

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    You are taking separation too far.

    A folder and its CVS repository per project.

    A "project" in your time management system (Trello?) per project.

    Install dependencies locally instead of globally (your package manager, whichever it is, should be able to do that).
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    @Fradow I understand if you work on separate repos let's say for android apps then switching between is fine and easy.

    Problem becomes when you are doing freelancing+studying phd+working on other technologies. Having one environment for me is too much (if its for all purposes: study, work, personal projects, also chill like watching movies and etc.)
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    I may have mis-interpreted your question.

    What do you call "environment"? And could you give a few specific issues you are encountering?
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    @Fradow Environment is one instance of operating system. I can not be more straightforward then I already was man.
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    Well, if you understand an enviro as WHOLE OTHER OS than what can we tell you? I think that most people just use other catalogs or accounts on a single machine and in single OS.
    Personally I use Linux and Windows on single machine and it's more than enough for everything. I don't even create different accounts because I see no reason to do so. I know where work is and where fun is. That's all.
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    @Agred Come on, I added so much more info as to explain what I need. You see word environment and the only possible meaning is some VM with dependencies?
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