Jumping back and revisiting some basics of game development that I've ignored for a while and decided to follow a tutorial for building a 2D minecraft clone just to see how easy it is to incorporate some of my engines capabilities...

Every single fucking function he is creating does not have arguments and instead uses hard coded numbers repeated throughout... Fucking send help

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    Well, rewrite the functions...
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    @iAmNaN I am but it's super irritating when I see people use magic numbers in code
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    @lxmcf agreed. Invariably, someone changes one somewhere and everything breaks. I guess it's good for honing debugging skills.
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    Time to wrtie your own tutorial!
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    what part you stuck?

    Most likely you'll be generating the mesh using the Meshfilter component, by drawing the triangles one by one
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    @nam17887 not stuck just always like to go back to basics, been working on mod support and internal engine components, thought it might be good just to go back to basics and ignore all the advanced stuff I've been doing, just to keep the brain active
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    @MrJimmy https://youtu.be/BluBl_O0BKY

    It's using and old version of GameMaker but I'm adapting it to the most recent version but the tutorial is getting worse the more I watch tbh :-/
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