#10YearsChallenge 😂

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    At least there was some form of error handling 10/20 years ago 👅
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    Node or browser?
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    Beautiful indeed
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    const data = await (await fetch(url)).json()

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    @musician I thought it was impossible to use await outside. Also inner await is unnecessary
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    @melezorus34 it needs to be inside an async function. But hows the inner await useless? Try it out in the browser.
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    I still teach this method to teenagers when doing JavaScript for the first time.
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    @musician I mean, if you use it inside the paranthesis, it will wait the inside statement to complete. Then the parantheses get the value and you wait the value again. You lose a tick at there. It is longer than you can think actually.
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    @tmpnull welp here is a juniour.
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    @melezorus34 maybe i misunderstand you but you need 2 await since fetch returns a promise
    One for the fetch and one for the .json()
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    Old version is more readable :/
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    @njedwards There's still a form of error handling
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    Anyone who has written JavaScript industrially and thinks the left side is more readable/better is very mistaken...
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