Some of the stories I'm seeing today are really upsetting to me. There are several very debated rants on gender and race on devrant today, and I feel that there does need to be some middle ground explanation that I hear frequently among my classmates, professors, and what I truly believe is right.

Whether or not we like to admit it, there is widespread negativity attached to female computer scientists and engineers. We have to appreciate the workplaces where this isn't the case, because there certainly are places where there is serious bias against minorities (the sociological term, not the popular definition. Anyone who receives less rights, opportunities, or resources than another due to a classification irrelavent to the original intent). We see it all the time in hiring practices, such as HR employing someone due not to their skill, but minority characteristics. You can always find someone of the same minority who is much better at their job and should look to do that. I'm not saying "hire based on minority". I'm saying "hire with minority representation in mind, and still find the best of the crop". There shouldn't be a huge gap, and if there is, you're doing something wrong. Incompetency is not race or gender sensitive. It's incompetency. Find someone better who fits what you need if minority representation is important (which it should be).

Women specifically have it much harder than men in the workforce. There is absolutely no denying that in today's world, and I'll happily and politely debate with anyone who disagrees. Women are often seen by objects by some men, and while that's the vast minority of people who think this way, it only one or more to make it a real work environment problem. Keep being someone who isn't part of the problem and give a metaphorical kick in the a** to those who are, please. People are people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, etc and treating them differently is total BS. I've called out people at my University before and I don't plan on stopping.

I rest my gavel, I guess.

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