Registered for hackathon with 2 Android dev and 2 Full stack dev. Turns out the theme for hackathon is totally out of our scope. This will be my very first hackathon.
Any advice, roadmap, suggestions for the problem statement?

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    Hackathon peeps @ceee @vocuzi
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    This is the ihack ,right ? We got the RSVP for this and were planning to go but didn't 😅.
    @antarikshc sounds like you guys will have to quickly learn about image processing, OpenCv etc.
    @RememberMe probably you can throw some light on that.
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    @ceee Yes. It's iHack. Thanks for the suggestions. We are looking at OpenCV with Android as the first option.
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    @-red I have interned at IIT-B for 6 months
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    @iamavalos *won
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    @antarikshc So did anyone do the whole thing ? I mean problem 1.
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    @iamavalos 🙂🙂
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    @-red Few of them did, including us. We did custom object detection using a pre trained TensorFlow model.
    Model was extracting features from any given picture, all we had to do run an algo on backend to compare the features between Input and Test images.
    It was a crazy experience though.

    Team who won the hackathon created a completely out of subject project on AI. Giving them the prize was a bit unfair to other teams though.
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    @antarikshc I think it's a great project. Building maps from camera feed. It'll be immensely useful for navigation, etc.
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