Story time!

So me, alcoholic I am, went to a local cafe because I didn't have enough booze anymore at home. Turns out that there were quite some people that wanted to get to know me!

And most importantly, there was another sysadmin (that likely saw through my funsies with some people there that I displayed termux' apt update and apt upgrade to as "evil hacking" 😜) that actually wasn't a bluff - he pretty much interviewed me on the spot and was apparently pretty impressed by my skillset. And so am I by his - he asked some pretty techy questions that only a fellow technologist could come up with. In a local cafe of all places!!! Who would've thought?!

I'll probably be going to that cafe some more 😋

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    Get out the party poppers guys, that dudes gonna get him a job!
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    @epse hopefully yes 😁 I've laid some contacts with @sergeybrin already, and now with this person. Job hunting is a pretty high priority thing right now so firstly getting to know contacts to potentially get a job from is pretty high on my priority list 🙂

    Recruiters take note 😛 because I'm not contacting those! Peer-to-peer all the way!!
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    @Condor doing great man!
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    @irene who knows, right? 😋
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    @irene cheers 😁🍻
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    @Condor did you reach out to last offer or not? I told him I knew someone passionated by linux and he said to contact him he was interested.

    Btw I’m having fun today lol found 8HDDs that are never used in our server room
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    @sergeyBrin I have, they've received my CV, but unfortunately they're still in the consideration process. I hope to hear from them in the next few weeks. I have high hopes for them!
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    @sergeyBrin also what are the specs of these drives (capacity, age, smart info), and (if so) how much are you selling them for? I could always use some extra storage 😋
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    @Condor tbh, I don’t know the age, I had them sitting in a qnap, which I never started. 7 disks 1.5TB and less than 1 hour running, smart info gives normal state. Don’t know what I’m going to do with it :) Will keep you updated
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    @Condor btw, weren’t you going to build your own ups?
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    @Condor also 1* 2TB HDD which hasn’t even ran once 😶
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    @sergeyBrin feel free to ping me in Discord the prices for them! I'm still looking for a good 4-6TB of storage to put in my Supermicro server.

    As for the custom UPS project, I've ordered parts for it but I'm still waiting for their arrival, and after that I'll still have to see whether they're any good. The parts I've ordered are adjustable boost converters, so pretty versatile. I plan on driving them with several series banks of my 18650 cells that match the target voltage, and charge them all up in parallel using my existing 500mA charge controllers (probably some in parallel to speed things up). But I've yet to figure out a circuit for this, given that it even works. Probably the switching between charge and recharge will also involve an esp8266 and a relay to make it more portable.
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    @Floydian I wish I had 😞

    (In all seriousness though, I just didn't look for it until recently as I wanted to learn electronics unimpeded)
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    Every rockstar is a star and an alcocholic...
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    I'm sorry but I'm really confused; did you go to a cafe to buy booze? What kind of cafe even sells alcohol??
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    @Condor Yeah, what @irene said...
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    @sergeyBrin Seagate Baracuda? They are relatively enduring.
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