My life at the moment is summed up quite well by https://xkcd.com/1586/ . My phone completely died and wouldn't boot in the first week of my five week holiday. When I get home and try to restore it, the computer with the backup fails to boot. I go and try a different computer, wait an hour or so for iTunes to update and Windows decides to update too. I try to update the phone so that it keeps it's data but no, it needs a full reset. I lose all the stuff on there: contacts, photos, texts, 2FA codes. Let's hope I have the emergency codes somewhere. I can't install gmail or google drive because I don't have ios 10 because it doesn't work on an iPhone 4S. The only advantage of this is that it removed obsolete apps that I never used. Which device will fail me next!

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    Or, make your life easier and get an Android. Remembers stuff on cloud! Unlimited! Phone and data are disjoint 😁
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