May IE burn in hell.

One time I was trying to get something positioned properly, and it worked on all browsers except IE. There was this little gap between two divs and I couldn't get rid of it. In desperation after hours of troubleshooting and lots of CSS attempts with no solution, I removed the whitespace from between the two divs in the HTML:




And voila! No more gap when looking at the rendered page.

FML I hate you, IE.

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    @rEaL-jAsE it was years ago, about 2014 at a previous job I had so unfortunately I don't have it. I've been doing web work for about 15 years, and I had never run into it either. Whitespace between elements is not supposed to affect anything. I was dumbfounded. I acknowledge that it was probably a result of *something* that I did with the design, but it was overall pretty simple. I kid you not, IE was the only one with the issue and removing the whitespace fixed it.
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