Windows machine i5 7th gen with 12Gigs Ram and 4Gigs graphics (2 dedicated + 2 shared) and 1TB HDD+ 256 Gb SSD vs low budget MacMiNi for heavy dev? usage- JDK, Android SDK, node, containers etc.

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    This ram configuration is weird. Don’t even consider new Mac mini... get an used MacBook Pro or heckintosh instead
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    If you are not going to use XCode, why get a mac, but since you are a mobile dev (due to Android SDK) get what @sunfishcc said, a used Macbook pro
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    @gitpush Cause mac is the best what you can get when buying a new computer
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    @luftluft if the head of React need an app to get rid of sticky key on her MacBook Pro. I don’t think the quality of current MacBook Pro is that good
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    @sunfishcc Just because she is the head of sthg and there is one case it speaks for all MacBooks? Knowing alot of ppl with the new one, including myself, never heard sthg negative, except the not existing heat managing..
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    @luftluft lots problem on the keyboard, USB type c and touchbar, the one without touchbar doesn’t even have updated keyboard. And it’s way overpriced with 0 upgrade ability
    She doesn’t represent all, but the point is when you have all the money in the world, you still have to use a broken Mac
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    @luftluft btw I had 2015 MacBook Pro. it’s thermal throttling under heavy load (android studio). Other than that, slow, but works great
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    @sunfishcc Which problems with usb type c?
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    @luftluft dual monitors flicking with type C USB hub. Disconnect when transfer large files. Just search on YouTube. It’s actually quite funny.🙃
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