Me: oh awesome, wine 4.0 hit stable. Let's compile and see how fast we can break it!

*./configure && make*

Ok... Ok... It's been 40 minutes... Ok... Yep still going cool cool...

I think I need a new PC guys...

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    That's why I usually build my kernels overnight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Ever tried to compile OpenCV? You can go on vacation and it will still be compiling when you return
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    @Snob I had to compile OpenCV once for a coworker. It literally took 2 days to compile completely ignoring the error messages I got in the compiling process which I had to fix.
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    @Zyten Willkommen auf DevRant :-)
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    @Condor TF what kernel are you building? Did you enable literally every optional feature? -j9? My linux compile takes 30 minutes at most on a 15W laptop CPU.
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    @tokumei old hardware 😶
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    In case your old hardware has multiple cores/threads, it might be helpful to do "make -j$(nproc)" to have multi-threaded compilation
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    @particleflux 4 core, no hyperthreading, but that would be useful to keep in the back of the mind, thanks!
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    @Snob challenge accepted
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    Small update: wine 4.0 wasn't worth the trouble
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