Colleague (lets call him john) does this sometimes at the moments you least expect it, funny as hell:

random colleague: *walks towards john* hey john, do you have a second?
John: *face turns dead serious/scared* h-h-how do you know my name? 😶
Colleague: hahaha, nice try, I've got this server issu...
John: Who are you? Get away from me 😶
*everyone laughing*
*johns face turns normal again*
John: what's up mate? *biggest goddamn smile ever*

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    But John, can you fix this server issue of mine? 😛
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    @-Tor i do that too! Is so fun
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    People. Never. Catch. My. Sarcasm.

    I'm fluent in sarcasm. I use sarcasm constantly. But people always think I'm being serious. Technical or mundane, they just. don't. get. it.

    It pisses me off to no end!
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    Would like to see him do that during appraisal
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    of course not, any decent jhon knows when to joke and when to get completely serious
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    @Root I feel this, only close people can instantly tell when I'm sarcastic. My parents never could :P. Sometimes hilarious but mostly frustrating.
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    I give an evil look. They run away.
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