This might be a silly question, but why (and why not) would one implement a dynamic navigation bar to a web app (.net core razor pages)?

What are the pros / cons of using a dynamic navbar over pure HTML? All I can think of is to render the navbar based on specific settings per client or to show / hide certain options based on roles / authorization.

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    imho the typical use case is roles/auth/capability based stuff as you said
    at the end of the day you still have to produce plain html in a way or another

    anyway, it's 2019, I find insane to keep using those kind of tools to render whatever server side

    i mean, server side rendering is ok, sometimes is good, sometimes is needed, fair enough.
    but the idea of a view engine / templating system so coupled with the backend logics, to me is totally crazy as a concept per se

    i prefer having a complete stateless backend that emits only data, and a server side rendering layer that emits html and deals with frontend states and events
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