0: Monitors and Graphic's Cards become affordable for us poor graduates

1: Node bloat becomes a thing of the past with WA or has auto-minimize functionality to keep only essential code

2: North American internet companies all go out of business due to free super high speed infrastructure maintained by a trust of communities and elected delegates

not all "dev" related per se, but my current day to day gripes answered

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    You mean we would actually get 50mb/s standard in germany?
    *cries in German*
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    @metamourge we got our 50mbits cut because some third party company bought the local net here and upgraded it to vectoring. So every other third party company can only rent 16mbits. Sitting here with my 16mbits now and not willing to spend my *hard* earned money to a growing monopol, which takes 45€ for 50mbits. Before this happend I paid 26€ for 50mbits
    German ist a unborn retarded child when it comes to internet speed #neuland
    Also in the industrial area in my city which is 3-5 yo the company's only get 16mbits dsl. And also what my previous isp told me was to get a LTE router but with former monthly traffic of 200+gb from my pc + 4 other persons this isn't a option and after I phoned them for 2 hours they agreed to restore my 50mbits and they told me they send me a new router which I am waiting for 2weekes now. I. am. so. pissed.
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    1) stop importing huge modules just because a single useful function. You are welcome.
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    @mundo03 MongoDB problems, cut me some slack, I'm not exactly a DB wizard yet :(
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    @wannabe then don't complain :p
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    @mundo03 Oi, let me have my genie wishes. XD
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