1. Make Apple only can sell what they actually invented. (No PC hardwares, no open source software or technology)

2. Make a moovie after that about harcore apple fans realizing what their brand really provided or invented across the years while they claimed: It is not a PC it is a mac...

3. A free week to have enough time to laugh on the abadoned sheep

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    1. Make Microsoft only sell things they invented
    2. Make Linux not be distributed by third parties, but by Torwalds as a single distribution
    3. Watch as all development teams cry about new developers coming in with no Linux knowledge and thus using Windows and having issues left and right with consistent stability

    PC! = Mac. End of discussion. I own both, cause I've understood that you can't do everything with just one. Work on a Mac cause stability, unix, and a fucking brilliant UX. Game on a PC cause performance.
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    @xprnio so you game on GNU/Linux or PC is only Windows?

    Also saying end of discussion before it even starts makes you sound childish no matter if you are right 😃
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    @xprnio Acually it is. Try to remove PC parts and see what you end with ;)
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    @dcode @dcode not a Mac if that's what you're pointing towards. Would like to see you effortlessly do basically everything Linux can on Windows without looking and behaving like every single Linux distro, along with their driver issues, clunky UI, garbage UX, just to name a few. Also windows laptops have stupidly awful battery life on laptops, their build quality is below acceptable after having used a MacBook Pro for the past three years, and just being stupid simple and elegant to use, not to mention the Apple ecosystem and everything else that comes with using a Mac for work.

    @Omnisus no, I game on windows since that has the best support for games that I play, as well as drivers.
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    @Omnisus It might sound childish, but saying a Mac is just a more expensive and less performant PC is arrogant and simply wrong. You sound like a windows fanboy that's never used a Mac
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    @xprnio Nah, I am way closer to GNU/Linux fanboy even if I am not a pro user. I have great user experience with manjaro and love last xfce DE look and ricimg gives the most beautifully looking desktops.

    I never said that Mac is ovepriced PC. It is overpriced, but it has nice enviroment (phone, laptop, desktop, tablet etc.) and other things and another not so nice which make me stick to Linux 😃 Same goes for Windows
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    @xprnio As a daily Mac user I have to say: Mac is like PC, but with a different keyboard layout, less hardware ports and sometimes strange software.

    The hardware is not special at all. While the display is good, the rest is ordinary.

    Software wise: Apple did not implement common control elements, even if they wouldn't interfere with the slightly different Mac OS' ones.
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    🍿I’m only here to enjoy.
    Sometimes it’s not about inventing but about adopting, taking risk and selling it to people quicker then anyone else.
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    So, basically you’re just angry at Apple for whatever reason.
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    Maybe it is something about false advertising, brain washing of masses or just relabeling something created by others and claim that it is unique and totally different.
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    @dcode False advertising is against the law, yet I don't see Apple getiing fined... What are they false advertising?
    And how aren't Apple products different from, for example, Microsoft's or Samsung's products? Neither of them have a clean and cohesive ecosystem across all their platforms as Apple does with theirs. So what's your point exactly? You just sound like a bitter doctor with your hatred towards apples
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    Well i feel a bit pity if that is all you could get from all of the comments above but try to read them again and maybe you found the answers.

    About apple getting fined for misleading it's customers you can google and read articles all night.

    I don't give a damn how it is looking to you as you are clearly just saying shit without doing any research first.
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