Thanks for messing up my home directory!!!

Edit: Tell me when you have to scroll 2x your display height

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    I feel you. Why is there no standardized way if dealing with this?
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    @hypervtechnics they should go inside the config folder
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    @Jilano I think the /opt directory is a good example
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    @hypervtechnics not really if you have multiple users
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    @620hun I mean for the programs binary files on e.g. a server
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    Just barely fits the screen XD

    Also I think that the idea of files and directories being used interchangeably in dotfiles is because some configurations use multiple files so a dedicated directory makes more sense, and others use just one .${application}rc file, so a file makes more sense. That is, if they're done properly of course..
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    @Jilano nah, it’s actually pretty much the only reasonable standard. Configs should go in XDG_CONFIG_HOME. Period.
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    At least it is better than the mess that is the windows 10 directory's structure
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    They should put it in a config folder or dot_files folder in Home directory
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    Dotnet and mono?

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    @Spark "What do you mean? Programs only get installed in Program files, or Program files (x86), or Appdata/roaming, or Appdata/locale, or Program Data, or any fucking arbitrary folder in the entire system."
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    @Jilano or all the statically linked system32 for 64 bit stuff and the other thing wow64 for 32 bit stuff. It all makes sense
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