Now I will defend USB-C untill my face turns blue and my mouth turns into a thunderbolt 3 port but fuck me some people complain about the stupidest shit when it comes to adapters...

Saw someone on twitter complaining because to get an ethernet port on his MBP... Only to notice he had purchased a USB-C to USB-A just so he can plug in a USB-A to ethernet...

Now maybe I'm thinking too logical but if you wanted an ethernet port, surely you would buy a USB-C to ethernet port and not seperate things to do the same job and then complain about it?

I can justify complaining about USB-C to auxiliary to some extent but for fuck sake I swear some people just get off on complaining about self inflicted issues -,-

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    My problem with USB-C is that it's way more fragile than any other USB. A year ago I had 3 of them, had to repair two, now I have none. And it's not the cable but the port that keeps braking so it's expensive too.
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    It has two very severe issues: Fragility and exclusivity.

    They're fragile. Exacerbating that problem is the fact that often there is only one usb-c port on a given device. This means that you must use it for everything from charging to peripherals to ethernet, and that fragility means it is going to break, and probably sooner than you'd expect.

    It's nice to have things standardized, but fragile designs combined with forced overuse is an impending disaster for users.
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    From the bottom of my heart: fuck USB-C and all the coworkers who constantly ask if you have a cable.
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    why not USB-A?

    There exists ports for USB-A that have sliding plates, so with a little pressure it doesn't matter which way shit goes in.
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    Yep you're thinking too logical. Never think too logical.
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