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As a front-end developer, can anyone recommend any tools and tutorials on how to get started in game development ?

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    Definitely java 😂
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    I just noticed now that further down, we have SQL. I really stopped reading at CSS3.
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    Start at unity or GameMaker studio, use GameMaker if you haven't had any experience as it's simpler else to to unity as it uses c# but is much more 'robust'
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    Hi this is my first post actually..

    It's a good question to have clarity on which technologies to start with.

    However I would suggest "Python", to which is not in above list.

    You can build PyGames using Python,
    You can build games quite quickly.
    There are lot of websites and YouTube channels for you to start with
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    You can try out phaser.js. Just did a little breakout game with it (and vue for ui, vuex for gamestate). Worked smooth as fuck.
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    @lxmcf before moving to front end, I did some experiments in unity.

    I've also did some games in an engine called BYOND about 10 years ago.

    Isn't game maker studio a bit like BYOND? In a sense that it abstracts you from a true programming language?
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    @Cybork yes and no, GameMaker uses a proprietary language that is very similar to JavaScript but it's a great foundation, almost like sudo code tbh
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    @Hackshay thanks and welcome :)

    I know python and the fact that it has gaming frameworks, but the general publics opinion seems to be that it's not really a proper language for game development.

    If someone could explain why, it'd also clear some of doubts on my side
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    The gaming engine I mentioned sounds like what you described :P so it's an abstraction of sorts..
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    @lxmcf not really a fan of the pseudo code business, but I admit there are advantages to an engine like that, mainly in map creation
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    Hi that's a good question..
    Yes python might not be best choice..
    But there are both disadvantages and advantages to it

    Disadvantages are,
    Performance takes a hit.
    Python isn't good for performance intensive parts of game engine for high end gaming.
    And export options are limited to devices which has python interpreter...
    That means it will exclude lot of mobile devices.

    But it's useful to make simple games.
    Python can be used along with other game engines,
    for instance for level designing or dialogue tree, and then you can export it to the format of game engine.
    Some game engines and 3D editors like Maya use python scripting.
    So Python is not complete solution.
    But it can complement the Game engine.
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